Call for Entries | Los Angeles 2x1

Los Angeles 2 x 1
Los Angeles Landscape Architecture (LALA), invites you to a curated exploration of Los Angeles to be presented during a special event during the ASLA conference in Los Angeles this fall.

Call for Entries
Los Angeles is complex and full of contradictions, both perceived and real. Promises of perfect weather and an engineered water supply continue to lure people to a place where earthquake, fire, drought, and exorbitant housing costs threaten those who are already here. As one of the most photographed, filmed, and written about cities in the world, the Los Angeles landscape is familiar, misunderstood, and constantly evolving.

LALA-Salon invites you to submit two images side by side accompanied by a one minute narrative (around 150 words). We will select up to 30 participants to speak for one minute on the image of the Los Angeles landscape, perceived or real, at the A+D Museum on Sunday evening, October 22, 2017. An accompanying publication is possible.

Dorothy Parker described it as "72 suburbs in search of a city." In his film, "Los Angeles Plays Itself," Thom Anderson observes that this city is portrayed as either a very specific place or any place in time.

Place. Language. Time. People. In this image-making town, what is the landscape image of LA? What is the optimum landscape of LA? How do we illuminate the past, present and future of the LA landscape through image? How do we read / understand / represent Los Angeles? Inspired by 36 Images of Mount Fuji by Hokusai Katsushika, we wish to explore the many facets of our City’s landscape.

Submit 2 images, side by side, at 1920 x 1080 pixels, in pdf format. Accompany the image pair with a 150-word narrative in Word format related to your images. Narratives may be fiction or nonfiction, poetry or prose, descriptive or metaphorical, or none of the above.

>>>> Submit to: by 11:59 pm PST September 10, 2017 <<<<

Event Oct. 22, 2017 | Los Angeles 2x1